-because of stillness-


All too frequently each one of us wind up thinking about how fast time is whizzing by; as if there aren’t enough hours in a day, days in a week and months in a year. And it’s true to some extent. But let’s admit it’s not just a lack of time .. there’s a tiny lack of deliberateness coupled with diminishing will power every now and then.. sometimes the quest to do too much of this and too much of that itself can be very tiring.

So June has started. I mean have you realised that we are past 6 months of 2017 already? Wow. It’s amazing how busyness keeps growing and the time continues to slip past us with a dizzying speed right?!

I’ve been trying to be as mindful as I can lately which means saying no to distractions, strictly living and breathing in the now/present and the only time of the day that actually allows me to do so is morning prayers when my very demanding toddler is asleep. So this morning while I was sitting all by myself in PEACE (notice how I write it in bold .. needless to explain why 🙂 I was just being there .. not doing anything .. not thinking about anything .. just be!

Don’t you crave stillness during the rush hours of the day when we are multi tasking from one task to another; when the self imposed deadlines rob us of our peace of mind; when the internal critic pressurises us by placing high expectations; when we are running to reach the finish line but the distance never seems to end..

So this morning after morning prayers, as I sat in my room enjoying the stillness of the moment; accompanying me there were a few faint streaks of silver on the carpet competing for my attention. Among the candidates was this one thin line that had finally been able to connect with me. I instantly drew the curtains and the silverish fluid impatiently flooded right through..

My best friend was right there smiling in my window frame.

I looked at the most wonderful silver light cupped inside the palm of my hands..resting there peacefully.

Palms ..that hold a world of distraction during the day, tolerate our mindless scrolling hour by hour and minute by minute ..

Mind ..that stays focused on nostalgia ..

Heart ..that beats to remind us of the *only* time we are in control of – and the *only* thing we are guaranteed is the *present moment* ..
Not future..not past. But this very moment.

We are all so conscious of the *next place* we are trying to reach, the *next goal* we are trying to achieve, the *next* vacation, the *next* year.. the *next* look, the *next* make over ..

This mindless WHATS NEXT has dimmed the magic of our current experiences, emotions, relationship and achievements.

Time is both limited and abundant.

One simple app that works for me personally & enables me to shut the door on ‘what-will-be or what-was-and-why-it-was-the-way-it-was is being *intentional*.


1- identify the areas in your life that require most commitment
2-identify and eliminate excuses and distractions that you’ve hired for nothing

From here on, you work your way to channelising your energy, focus and talents to things that are worth your time and attention and whisk away the unnecessary details that plague our daily routines with lethargy and demotivation.

There’s nothing bad about looking forward to the future as long as we live each moment because it is what our life is actually made of.

Do it now. Feel it now. Be it now. 💕

-R U enough?-


Hello Friends..

I have always been fascinated by sun flowers. Large, bright yellow petals somehow always cheer me up..

And how eagerly and with much anticipation it continues to track the sun across the horizon is such a unique sight.

I can look for hours how beautiful those sun kissed flowers appear to be when fixated on the east..
It always feels like it craves warmth and longs for attention by nature!

Do you know that sun flowers take very long to blossom?

And as much as it appears larger in size on the outside, it has very long and deep roots on the inside.

When majority of the other flowers are busy blooming rapidly and dancing merrily in the sun; sunflower is slowly absorbing the moisture from the soil through its rootstocks. This process goes on for a good long while until the flower has absorbed enough nourishment not only to support itself but also to serve as a means of sustenance for other creatures. The sunflower now opens, is deeply nourished and attracts bees by just being itself!

Sometimes in life, we feel so isolated.

In a fast-paced and result driven world today people talk but forget to speak, they hear but don’t listen. Small talk prevails and it’s exhausting even trying to pretend to be part of something you don’t belong to.

There are far too many opinions and too many voices around us. The idea is to not to listen to all the noise you cannot filter.

Silence is so under-utilised and it requires wisdom to know when to be quiet and why it is important to be quiet.

Back then, as a college student, I was someone who almost always avoided putting her hand up to answer questions or to volunteer! hardly made friends, felt challenged speaking to a group of people, highly self conscious to get a haircut or even wearing bright colors was a big deal.

Yes, perhaps I awaited people’s validation, was afraid of criticism and eventually rejection.

It’s funny how your mind plays up every possible scenario of ‘it could go wrong -so forget it!” And this feeling is an oscar-winner to suck your vitality and drains you emotionally. It works in a dramatic way..tricks you into believing that you aren’t enough.. you lack it.

Perhaps we all, at some point or the other in our lives, only learn how to handle our insecurities if not completely get rid of them.

Perhaps we all, just like those sun flowers need some time out and peace ‘n’ quiet to connect with our own roots deep within to nourish ourselves..our souls.

Zone out into a place of complete and loving honesty that aligns our ‘lacking’ self with divine awareness and helps us become ‘whole’ and ‘enough’ ..

I pondered over how can one achieve a state of satisfaction with self? Is it possible? And I realised it is..

1- Internalise that everyone is different and give them the permission to dislike you. It’s nobody’s fault and it’s none of your business. We are all independent in thought and action.

2-Do more of what makes you happy- from anything to even staying alone. And stay far and away from what burdens your soul. If something or someone frazzles you; give yourself enough time to reflect, process your anger and feelings and channel them into resilience. Everything in this universe is energy. Preserve yours for the right purposes..

3- As Above So Below!

Ofcouse 1 & 2 is only possible IF you connect with The One who creates and regulates everything in the universe. Verily – ‘the happiest people are those who found that Allah is enough’. Our soul comes from Allah and the heavens above and it’s only nourished & fulfilled & whole when connected with its source. Allah is Noor, Peace, Light and our souls are made of same stuff ..

Today, we all are bogged down by doing more and achieving more that the quest of more has actually created less of everything; less time, less connection, less empathy, less nurturing. We define happiness as a synonym of fulfilling our desires and unhappiness is exactly the opposite of it – our desires being unmet that is!!

On a spiritual plane, where the soul belongs, meaning of real happiness subtly transfuses into deep realisation of self and unlocking the following questions:

WHO are you? – WHY are you here? – HOW can you give back to the universe? – WHAT is your purpose of being?

I cannot think of any better way to nourish yourself, to be Enough for your self and Enough for those around you .. remember you cannot give what you don’t have yourself.. invest in yourself, be like a 🌻 sunflower…

P.S. Being confined to bed is bizarre..typing away stuff is what’s keeping me sane amidst all the sickness. Please bear with me, Thankyou. 💕

-Tiny Wings-


1:11 pm

Hello friends!

So this afternoon, I had piled-up chores that were meant to be done *outside* the comfort of my home and I emphasise the word *comfort* ‘coz for anyone fasting and running around can be very challenging. Thankfully the weather at my end is very cold so trotting my way across the market was a walk in the park (slight exaggeration intended). After finishing the intended to-dos, I still had almost one whole empty hour on my hands before I could collect my daughter from skool. After a brief fix, I decided to not go home ‘coz I was (somewhat) physically tired and hungry (beyond description) to drive myself home and then back to skool again! So here I am waiting while writing this post!

Apart from all the non-sensensicle, demented, dumb & stupid stuff that I’ve done so far, there’s however some lessons that I’ve learnt along the way and would like to share with you. I call it ‘my version of reality’ ‘coz it may or may not resonate with you. Well, with that being said, learning never ends, there’s always something new to to be learnt everyday.

And I hope you’d enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying composing it … 🙂

-1- things we intrinsically enjoy slowly become part of our personality in a way that reflects through us.

-2- people say love and trust don’t exist without each other. I think at times we love people dearly without having to trust them. Mind and heart tend to disagree on matters that are more than one. Let this be it.

-3- those who are expert at fooling others are in fact the biggest fools for not being able to see it coming right back full throttle.

-4- the notion of ‘ unconditional love’ is misinterpreted. You can not go on loving someone who makes you feel like you don’t even exist. “I love you nomatter what the conditions” (in life etc) *versus* ” I love you nomatter what you do to me”.. there’s a stark difference.

-5- life is so precious to be wasted fretting about what others are doing. You have a life too! If not, get one. The roadmap for you has already been signed and sealed. The wisdom to figure *it* out, & even the ability to put it to use shall come from Him. Your part is asking & asking fervently. It’s all up to Him ..To reveal. To guide.
* = roadmap/reason of being.

-6- treasure those who understand your needs without you having to say a word. In today’s time and age, this is extremely rare.

-7- it’s hard but do your utmost best not to take pride in or expect something in return from someone you’ve extended a favour. Just know that it’s Allah’s way of using you for someone in need. You are actually doing a world of good to *your own self*.

– 8- if you fear something, as in losing someone you love; failing at something etc; don’t bring it to life by voicing those fears/feelings. Once spoken/discussed, it has a funny way of materialising beyond our headspace. I fear the idea of how fear operates. It’s some sort of metaphysical phenomenon perhaps.

-9- the biggest risk? Not taking any risk.

-10- when you try to listen/learn/try something in every way you could…you also (somehow) figure out the ways one *can not* understand that very thing. Not knowing is knowing of its own kind & it leads to more knowing .. hence it runs in loops and circles. The desire, the intention starts it all.

-11- if you keep complaining about life when in fact you are blessed, soon life will give you real. reasons. to complain about. Be grateful for what you have already.

– 12- at any given point in life, you will always be happier, prettier, richer, healthier, smarter, and what not than *many* people you don’t even know about. Don’t underestimate your blessing and yourself. Everyone is unique and that includes you too.

-13-  hardwork, good luck, an opportunity wisely taken, references or a combination of these will help you get there but *prayer* is the .real. game changer.

– 14- when someone puts you down intentionally, it is usually done to showcase their own smartness (usually at the expense of your self-respect)

-15- it’s only fair to believe in hearts being fragile but tough enough to sustain hurt, loss and pain.
Sounds good until someone makes you experience the later part.

-16-  one of the vital decisions we’ll make involves who we let in and out of our lives.

-17- if you wish to be happy, or want to start something new, wish to decide whether or not something should be done, ask as many people as you like but remember their journeys are different than yours. Your heart knows the answer.

-18- people are most beautiful when they are their real self.

-19- the fastest and surefire way to fail at anything in life is to believe that you are better than others and that you don’t need to improve.

-20-our thoughts are but approximations. You can’t always be right. You can’t always be wrong. Same goes for other people.

-21-too much planning and overthinking is a waste of time. It does more harm than good.

-22- at the end of the day, there’s *only you* by your side.

-23- it’s not *looking* that matters, it’s *seeing* what you are looking at, it’s not *listening* that matters but what you *hear*..
-24- want to earn people’s attention fast? Start agreeing on everything. Be honest and you stand alone.

-25-you lose in holding back.

-26-time is both abundant and limited. It’s pretty much how we use it.

-27-pain makes you grow profoundly close to God and your own self.

-28- nothing humbles you more than sickness and adversity. It’s when you know how powerless you are!
-29- happiness is only within.

-30- disappointments, parting and losses are essential for they teach you the reality of life; that is *impermanence*.

On this journey called life, we all have learned lessons that serve as tiny wings and carry us through.. those were my tiny wings…and the journey continues….🙏

… singing out now..

Love and peace. 💕

2:02 pm

-But that’s not my job!?-


Sometimes the most profound lessons are learned from our daily lives & in those minor details are hidden messages that make life work for us. I think it makes sense that the major choices such as career, marriage etc guide and direct the primary areas of our life but when it comes down to it, there are so many “little” choices that are no less important…

Let’s just say …

FROM what to wear, what to watch, who to look out for, how to comb your hair, which texts or calls to return, whether you gossip or not, how fast you drive and/or let someone into your lane, how much risk to take, when to smile and how much and how often, how to control anger, when to stop talking and start listening, how to react to people and situations, to forgive and never bring up the issue again, and what you let control you and your thinking, whether to wear your mask or be your self, what to think when you think and then …

TO This.. 👇🏻

“Leave everything- apartments, national parks, *people’s hearts* in better condition than you found them!”

Let that sink in for a moment…

I read it some time ago and it sparked a very nice feeling.
Reading something so simple yet full of wisdom is like looking for your cell fone everywhere by using the torch *of your own cell fone*!! btw this has happened to me once and I feel 1 part embarrassed and 4 parts extremely funny recalling the laughter of my husband and kids followed by my intellectual discovery .. I mean how dumb could one get??!

I just digressed .. anyhow the point that I’m trying to make here is that it takes nothing concrete and costly to make the world a better place.

Let me share how;

One. Tiny. Decision. At. A. Time.

I will give you a routine example that resonates deeply on all levels big and small.

You tell a child at skool/home to clean up the mess or pack away the toys etc and you are given the trade-mark reply that is;

“But I didn’t make this mess!” {exceptions excluded}

I know you could relate! 🙂

Every single moment allows us to add or block love, express or withhold praise, to ignore calmly or to react harshly, to stay or walk away.

And it includes picking up trash that’s not yours. Leaving the place a tiny bit better looking than how it was when you found it.

It simply feels good to restore damage, refurbish an apartment, recondition your mind, and repair a heart.

Nothing complicated .. it is just fulfilling.

Life will be insanely good, awfully bad, hectic, hilarious, delightful, demented, invigorating, soul sucking, etc. All of these are guaranteed on the docket. But we will always be given the choice to extract light from the darkness for yourself or to be that light for someone..

Remember when you entered the room and the atmosphere was grim, it was then up to you to say something nice and make people smile or just sit silently and be part of it. What part did you play?

It will always be up to you to cleanup your table after you have dined at a restaurant although it isn’t *your* job ‘coz obviously you’ve paid for the meal as well as for the service. You weren’t obliged but you did it anyway. Did it make any difference? Not a massive one but if we ask the waiter standing by the table, their answer might surprise us.

By engaging yourself in seemingly insignificant, apparently ‘no-point-doing-that’ kinda gestures and a multitude of things, we leave an impact on people’s hearts. And it is bound to come back in weirdest of ways and from most unexpected people only to reaffirm our faith in humanity.

It’s very easy to measure yourself against a bunch of people who *don’t do it either so why should I?* but relatively difficult to measure it against your own self and configuration. You never know whose deepest challenges you are responding to by knowingly or even unknowingly doing *whats not your job*.

Do it often. Do it generously.