-But that’s not my job!?-


Sometimes the most profound lessons are learned from our daily lives & in those minor details are hidden messages that make life work for us. I think it makes sense that the major choices such as career, marriage etc guide and direct the primary areas of our life but when it comes down to it, there are so many “little” choices that are no less important…

Let’s just say …

FROM what to wear, what to watch, who to look out for, how to comb your hair, which texts or calls to return, whether you gossip or not, how fast you drive and/or let someone into your lane, how much risk to take, when to smile and how much and how often, how to control anger, when to stop talking and start listening, how to react to people and situations, to forgive and never bring up the issue again, and what you let control you and your thinking, whether to wear your mask or be your self, what to think when you think and then …

TO This.. 👇🏻

“Leave everything- apartments, national parks, *people’s hearts* in better condition than you found them!”

Let that sink in for a moment…

I read it some time ago and it sparked a very nice feeling.
Reading something so simple yet full of wisdom is like looking for your cell fone everywhere by using the torch *of your own cell fone*!! btw this has happened to me once and I feel 1 part embarrassed and 4 parts extremely funny recalling the laughter of my husband and kids followed by my intellectual discovery .. I mean how dumb could one get??!

I just digressed .. anyhow the point that I’m trying to make here is that it takes nothing concrete and costly to make the world a better place.

Let me share how;

One. Tiny. Decision. At. A. Time.

I will give you a routine example that resonates deeply on all levels big and small.

You tell a child at skool/home to clean up the mess or pack away the toys etc and you are given the trade-mark reply that is;

“But I didn’t make this mess!” {exceptions excluded}

I know you could relate! 🙂

Every single moment allows us to add or block love, express or withhold praise, to ignore calmly or to react harshly, to stay or walk away.

And it includes picking up trash that’s not yours. Leaving the place a tiny bit better looking than how it was when you found it.

It simply feels good to restore damage, refurbish an apartment, recondition your mind, and repair a heart.

Nothing complicated .. it is just fulfilling.

Life will be insanely good, awfully bad, hectic, hilarious, delightful, demented, invigorating, soul sucking, etc. All of these are guaranteed on the docket. But we will always be given the choice to extract light from the darkness for yourself or to be that light for someone..

Remember when you entered the room and the atmosphere was grim, it was then up to you to say something nice and make people smile or just sit silently and be part of it. What part did you play?

It will always be up to you to cleanup your table after you have dined at a restaurant although it isn’t *your* job ‘coz obviously you’ve paid for the meal as well as for the service. You weren’t obliged but you did it anyway. Did it make any difference? Not a massive one but if we ask the waiter standing by the table, their answer might surprise us.

By engaging yourself in seemingly insignificant, apparently ‘no-point-doing-that’ kinda gestures and a multitude of things, we leave an impact on people’s hearts. And it is bound to come back in weirdest of ways and from most unexpected people only to reaffirm our faith in humanity.

It’s very easy to measure yourself against a bunch of people who *don’t do it either so why should I?* but relatively difficult to measure it against your own self and configuration. You never know whose deepest challenges you are responding to by knowingly or even unknowingly doing *whats not your job*.

Do it often. Do it generously.

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