Autumn has just landed and is slowly unpacking it’s suitcases. Won’t be long before the streets, courtyards wear the attires of assorted shades of orange, red, yellow and brown. I can hear my plants whispering about the arrival of Autumn. They sound a bit taken aback, perhaps terrified to some extent. Some are turning pale dreading the inevitable and shedding leaves while others are basking on my window sills looking calm and absorbing warmth. So today, I clipped off the lower halves of those grumpy little fellas thinking this might be a nice fresh breath of change for them. Some are being relocated to other places in the house; hopefully a change of neighborhood should make them feel better.

The leaves outside are constantly falling off whenever there’s a cold harsh snap in the wind but they seem happy to me. Especially, when every morning kids dutifully stomp on crunchy leaves and the air is filled with sound of cackling laughters. Kids and their unique ways to connect with nature I suppose!

Nature is a great teacher. To me the trees (no matter what the season) appear profoundly beautiful, full of wisdom and an exemplary sign of the very excellencies of God.

In their humble capacity when they give us fruits, they teach us virtues like gratefulness and gaining nearness to God by ascending to one’s higher self. They also teach us the importance of not losing your ground when one is facing adversities in life. See how a strong tree grows from a tiny seed that remains hidden deep in the soil, goes through labour and gives birth to a seedling and so on…

They demonstrate forgiveness. Every time autumn ravishes spring; it transitions into beautiful white winter. It takes its time & finds its way back to spring when it’s ready to blossom again ..

They even manifest acceptance; to make most of what we have, to grow where you are planted. At times we lack control over circumstances and feel stuck and unable to progress or move forward in life. Trees remind us of the long lonely hours a tiny seed endures totally unknown and invisible to the world outside, until it reaches a point it has enough strength to tear apart the darkness and face the world waiting outside and sustain itself. But before all of this happens, it needs to attend to its growth within.
They talk to us of selflessness, of facing adversities of the weather and standing tall no matter what.

They reassure us that it’s okay to come across weak & vulnerable, physically as well as emotionally. It’s only when we are at the weakest, that we learn to be resilient. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going you know. Being vulnerable allows us to connect and trust others. It reinforces that broken things are not ugly after all. As Maulana Rumi said; “The wound is the place where light enters you..”

They speak to us about the impermanence of things and eventually the termination of life, yet the magic of new beginnings. You see benevolent hope and brutal reality snuggled together when you look at those trees in Autumn. Isn’t this what we need to know and internalise everyday?
Yes, Life goes on but it’s not going to go on forever.

Make the most of this small period called life. Be grateful. Give without counting. Persevere. Get lost within and discover.

…live well


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